About our CD covers:
The photographs all come from a series taken by Dr. Charles A. Webster of Yarmouth, NS, passenger aboard the four-masted steel barque Iranian, commanded by his uncle Capt. Isaac Webster, while carrying a cargo of case oil from Bayonne, New Jersey to Yokohama, Japan in 1896/97. This 147 day voyage took place towards the end of the 'days of sail' and so, towards the end of the days of 'shantying' at sea.

The Webster collection of photographs features the crew involved in a variety of shipboard tasks including working the capstan and at the halliards - work which might have been carried out to the shanties in our collections. Indeed, in his diary, Dr. Webster mentions, "There are thirty-five men aboard.... They seem to be a good crew, one of the singing kind and sing "Whiskey for me Johnnies", "Renzo", etc. in great style."

These photographs are used courtesy of the Yarmouth County Museum Archives (link opens in new window), Yarmouth, NS, Canada, with grateful appreciation to the Webster family.

left: Iranian, built in 1895 by R. Williamson & Son, Workington. Dimensions: 308'3"x46'2"x25'8" [93,94x14,07x7,82 meters] and tonnage: 2958 GRT and 2797 NRT. Portrait by Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921), New York.

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South Australia
Leaving of Liverpool
John Kanaka
Whiskey Johnny
Blow the Man Down
Ode to the Elbow
Rolling Down to Old Maui
Drunken Sailor
Rio Grande
Can't Ye Dance the Polka
Haul the Bowline
Jolly Rovin' Tar
Blow Ye Winds
Haul Away Joe
Leave Her Johnny
Bully in the Alley
Essiquibo River
Across the Western Ocean
Marching Inland
Ode to the Elbow
Wave Over Wave
Paddy Lay Back
The Parting Glass
Clear the Track
Old Molasses
High Barbaree
The Maid of Amsterdam
The Anti Shanty
Farewell Shanty
All For Me Grog
Donkey Riding
Randy Dandy
Roll the Chariot
Roll the Woodpile Down
Sam's Gone Away
Outward Bound
Shallow Brown
John Cherokee
Hieland Laddie
Black Ball Line
Fiddlers Green
Ranzo Ray
Marco Polo
Fire Marengo
Partons, la mer est belle
Sailor's Prayer
Chastity Belt
Banks of Newfoundland
Codfish Shanty
Reuben Ranzo
Maggie May
General Taylor
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Ode to the Elbow
Marching Inland
Roll the Chariot
Paddy Doyle's Boots
Good Morning Ladies All/ Sally Brown
Billy O'Shea
Haul Away Joe
Big Bow Wow
Running Down to Cuba
Fathom the Bowl
Johnny Come Down to Hilo
My Son John
Fire Down Below
Home Home Home
Greenland Whale Fishery
Auckland to the Bluff
Heave Away Cheerily-O
Go to Sea No More
Hog-Eye Man
Whup Jamboree
Haul Away for Rosie-O
Pump Shanty (The Captain's Daughter)
London Julie
High Barbaree
Vem kan segla förutan vind?
Disaster at Sea (Yarmouth Poem)/ Bully in the Alley

Old Cameron at the Wheel

Heavy Weather

At the Halliards - Live!

Shooting the Sun